Tennis News

Registration is now open to Members for BTA 2022 Summer Programs. Click here to sign up. 

Mark your calendars for the following Round-Robin Tournament dates: 

  • Spring - Saturday, May 7
  • Independence Day - Saturday, July 9
  • Labor Day - Saturday, September 10
  • Fall - Saturday, October 29

*The rain-dates will the following Sundays. We tried to pick the non-holiday weekends to increase participation. 

What to expect: Our BTA Tennis Pro will run the tournaments and the club will provide refreshments. We will send reminders as the dates get closer. The typical format is doubles round robin with a total of 5 games played without ad point.

Check out the ‘Player Postings’ tab on the tennis bookings site. Use it to find a hitting partner, a sub, etc. Your email remains private and responses come directly to you.

The tennis booking site now allows 7 day ROLLING court sign ups. On the day you enter the site you may reserve 7 days forward from that day.

Thanks to members who have been reserving courts with all players names, AND for paying the required guests fees as per club policy.

Options for paying guest fees: (As of January 1, 2022 all guest fees must be paid on or before the date of the reservation. Members are responsible for ensuring the payment of approprite guest fees as per the following options. If the fee is not paid as per the time frame above an invoice will be sent to the reserving member for payment.)   

1) Scanning the QR code on the window of tennis office or on the reservation page and paying via our established PayPal account. Once used you can save the information in your app and pay at any time from anywhere.

2)Pay by check or cash, putting it in an envelope located in the bulletin board outside the Tennis Office writing your name, membership number and number of guest and depositing in the mail slot at the bottom of the window to the left of the main entrance of the club. 

Any questions or for help please e-mail