General Rules / Admission Policies

  1. No one is allowed in the swimming pools unless pools are officially open and a lifeguard is on duty.
  2. The wading pool is not guarded and children must be under the direct supervision of a parent or guardian at all times.
  3. During swim meets the middle and wading pools will be closed until the conclusion of the swim meet.
  4. Entry to the pool area must be made through the locker rooms. All swimmers must take a shower prior to entering the water.
  5. Sun bathers should shower before entering the water.
  6. The guest of active members age one (1) or older must be registered and have paid the appropriate guest fee(s)
  7. Children under the age of two (2) are not permitted in the main pool.
  8. Children not fully toilet trained and/or wearing diapers are not permitted in the main pool.
  9. All children age six (6) and under must have a responsible person in the water with them and within arms reach at all times.
  10. All children aged eight (8) and under must be accompanied and cared for at poolside by a responsible person fourteen (14) years or older while in the pool area.
  11. The main and middle pools will be closed and cleared for a fifteen (15) minute safety break during each hour of operation for all swimmers under age fourteen (14).
  12. Adult lap swimming is permitted after 7:45pm.
  13. All children under the age of fourteen (14) in order to swim must be accompanied and supervised by an adult eighteen (18) and over.
  14. Food and beverages with the exception of water in non-glass containers must be consumed in the pavilion area only.
  15. No glass containers of any kind are allowed on any area of the concrete deck.
  16. No chewing gum products of any kind allowed in the pool areas.
  17. Smoking is not permitted inside the pool fencing.
  18. In the event of lightning or thunder, pools will be closed and the pool deck cleared and will re-open thirty (30) minutes after the last report of lightning or thunder and/or at the discretion of the manager.


Download a PDF version of these rules