Rules for Lap Swimming

Lap Lane Policy


  1. Two (2) designated lanes for adult lap swimming only will be available if not being used for scheduled swim team activities or special events. Lap Lanes are a shared space.

  2. Circle swimming is the default rule for all lap lanes, up to 6 swimmers per lane.

  3. Lap swimmers should swim counterclockwise near the lane markers. Pass in the middle when more than two (2) swimmers are in a lane.

  4. Lap swimmers should arrange themselves by speed in the lanes, should stop only at the turning walls and move to the side to allow others to turn and continue.

  5. Lap lanes are used for continuous swimming or water running.

  6. Lap lanes are available on a first-come-first-serve basis for all members.

  7. In the event of a swim lesson, a 3rd, pop-up lane, will be added for the lesson and then removed at the conclusion of the lesson. This will be a “lessons only” space and will not be available for lap swimming. Private swim lessons with coaching staff will not take place in dedicated lap lanes.

  8. Any questions or concerns regarding lap lanes should be directed to the club manager within 24 hours.

The club policy will be re-evaluated on a monthly basis and is subject to change.


Times for available lap lane use are available in the detailed Pool Schedule PDF (coming soon) and a paper version is available at the front desk. 



Download a PDF version of Lap Swimming Policy