Rules for Swimmers

  1. Swimmers must wear swim suits or swim trunks when in the water. Cut offs and gym shorts are not allowed.
  2. All swimmers must take a shower prior to entering the water. 
  3. Sun bathers should shower before entering the water.
  4. Swimmers leaving the pavilion area should rinse their feet before reentering the pool(s).
  5. Running, rough play, pushing, acrobatics, wrestling, excessive splashing, diving or jumping haphazardly and throwing of tennis balls is not permitted. 
  6. Water pistols of any size are not permitted.
  7. Inner tubes, inflated boats and rafts are allowed only at designated times and at management's discretion.
  8. Personal flotation devices of any kind are not permitted in the main pool.
  9. Coast Guard approved and labeled personal flotation devices such as vests designed to provide vertical support are permitted in the middle and wading pools only  and users must be accompanied by an adult in the pool and within arms reach at all times.
  10. Kick boards, swim fins and non-glass face masks are to be used only to assist the swimmer with their swimming activity and not for general play.


Download a PDF version of Rules for Swimmers